e-SHARENew Service ~ Environmentally Friendly Electric Kickboard

e-SHARE has good news for everyone!! From January 11th, in addition to the rental of electric motorcycle, a new rental service of electric Kickboard is also provided!
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Electric kickboard

Electric kickboard

Rimo electric kickboard introduction

Top speed: 20km
weight:14kg (Foldable into a special bag)
driving distance: Approximately 20 ~25km when fully charged
Time required to full charge: About 3~4 hours (general household plug is enough)
Area of use: Ishigaki Island, Ohama Island, Kuroshima, Hateruma Island, Iriomote Island (currently under discussion on Taketomi Island)

Rental condition

Those who hold a Japanese motorcycle license of 50cc or more
if you do not have a Japanese license, you will need an International Driving Permit or a Japanese translation of your license from your country. For more details – see
About driving permit for foreign nationals  No.1
About driving permit for foreign nationals  No.2

Rental and return places

e-SHARE Shop (located in Anei Tourism, Seaport Terminal)
1, Misakicho, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture

Rental fee

Payment method: cash, credit card, electronic settlement system in Japan.

1hr               4hrs          6hrs  12hrs 24hrs from 2nd day
¥1,000      ¥2,000         ¥3,000   ¥3,500  ¥4,400 ¥2,200

※ Including helmet, lock, charger, compulsory insurance (insurance to compensate the other party’s life), special bag。
※ In the event of serious and fatal damage to the kickboard  or breakdown, which makes can’t be used, the renter has to pay 200,000 yen.

Notice for carrying to other islands

  1. Please  apply for rental before 30 minutes ferry departure.
  2. Ferry tickets other than Aneikonkou cannot carry electric kickboard to outlying islands。
    ※Renters of electric kickboard can have discounts coupon of  Anei ferry tickets.
  3. Electric kickboard must be packed in a proprietary Rimo’s bag.
AneiKonKou's Ferry

AneiKonKou’s Ferry

Appointment method

  1. e-SHARE TEL:0980-87-5562
  2. e-SHARE Mail:booking@ridegoshare.jp
  3. e-SHARE’s LINE@




If you want to take a closer look at the scenery of Ishigaki Island and the isolated islands, environmentally friendly electric scooters that are kind to nature are a good choice. Now you can plan your exclusive new small tour in advance!

In addition, gogoro, an environmentally friendly electric motorcycle, is also available! For details, please see⇒ e-SHARE’s English Website