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Insurance questions that most people will ask and care about,
Now let’s make a simple and detailed explanation!

Before explaining, let me explain what rental fee includes

【Rental fee content】
  • Bike
  • Battery Fee
  •  Insurance (exclude vehicle insurance and NOC)
  • Raincoat
  • Helmet

Next, let’s introduce the insurance contents of rental E-bike in detail!

【Insurance Content

Below insurance at no extra charges (^_-)-☆

  • Personal compensation(unlimited)
  • Objective compensation(unlimited)
  • Personal injury compensation(Driver and passenger)(Compensation up to 30 million yen per person)
  • Compensation for road rescue costs in case of accident

Note: Vehicle insurance and business loss compensation are not included and can be purchased at will.

【Option Insurance Items】

Deeply believes that insurance is an indispensable items just in case.

Vehicle Insurance(Limited)
+¥500 / 24hrs

The charge of repairing a car will be up to 10,000 yen.

※ However, E-bike can not be driven due to fetal damage, ,  the customer will request 200,000 yen at most.

Business compensation exemption
+¥500 / 24hrs 
Exempt from all below
E-bike can be driven and can be returned to the sales office by itself in accident.
response charge to ¥20000
Motorcycles cannot be driven and cannot be returned by themselves. Motorcycles are handled by the sales office
response charge to¥50000
Double insurance plan
+¥1000 / 24hr
After 24 hours, half price discount
+¥500 / 24hrs 
Vehicle Insurance+
Business compensation exemption



I believe everyone can understand e-SHARE’s thoughtful, safe insurance.!😃

In this way, you can enjoy the gogoro tour of Ishigaki Island with peace of mind.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to add Line@ ! (*^_^*)


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