e-SHARE head office located in seaport terminal started to two weeks rental rate for long stay in Ishigaki. Our Rental bike is Electric & battery swapping type. Our  rental fee includes 1. Electric bike  2. Insurance (except Vehicle insurance and NOC)  3. Battery swapping.

We can offer 125cc(2 people ride) & 50cc( 1 person ride) bike for rent. You can rent e-bike by Japanese driver’s license or International Driving Permit or a Japanese translation of license.

Rental location

this service is limited to head office located in seaport terminal only.

Rental of 2 weeks’ Fee

For 14 Days and 13Nights (Can not refund the fee)
50cc (one person) ¥20,000 (Original price¥28,500)
125cc(two person) ¥30,000(Original price¥42,000)

Let’s try the electric bike in Ishigaki island!!


About the detail, Please CONTACT US here.


the charger that swaps out the batteries for electric scooters


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