e-SHARE head office located in seaport terminal started to two weeks rental rate for long stay in Ishigaki. Our Rental bike is Electric & battery swapping type. Our  rental fee includes 1. Electric bike  2. Insurance   3. Battery swapping.

We can offer 125cc(2 people ride) & 50cc( 1 person ride) bike for rent. You can rent e-bike by Japanese driver’s license or International Driving Permit or a Japanese translation of license.

Rental location

this service is limited to head office located in seaport terminal only.

Rental of 2 weeks’ Fee

For 14 Days and 13Nights (Can not refund the fee) ※New price table from 2022.04~
50cc (one person) ¥27,000 (Original price¥35,000)
125cc(two person) ¥37,000(Original price¥52,000)
All vehicles are covered by vehicle insurance.
We will charge up to 10,000 yen for repair costs and exemption for self-damage accidents
*In case of total loss, 200,000 yen will be charged.)

Let’s try the electric bike in Ishigaki island!!


About the detail, Please CONTACT US here.


the charger that swaps out the batteries for electric scooters


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