Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland’s drivers may NOT drive with international license in Japan. They MUST have the license issued by each country and OFFICIAL TRANSLATION OF DRIVING LICENSE. But, the problem is that they can not get the translation in their countries. So, GO SHARE will provide the service to get it in place of foreign drivers.

Service to Whom?
the drivers in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland

What do you need to apply?
the picture of original driver’s license.

The fee for issuance of a Japanese translation?
you can book the electric bike & translation through the booking system. and we do not refund any fee for the booking and issued translation.

How many days to get the translation?
the process will take 10 days. So, you need to book them 10days before taking the bike in Ishigaki.

electric bike in Ishigaki

electric bike in Ishigaki

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